About us

About Us

Lubepro is synonymous with service excellence.  LubePro - Oil Suppliers

As our clients, including ArcelorMittal, Total S.A., Columbus Stainless (to name a few) can testify, when it comes to diversity and excellent service, we are leaders in our field.

We are one of the only companies around that are able to provide nearly every single lubricant-related service.

A Bit Of History

In 1997, Lubepro started out as a small company, primarily focusing on the tribology service provided to Iscor on behalf of Total SA. Gradually, Lubepro transitioned into the repair of automated grease systems and private oil sales started to pick up.


Over the years, as the work-force became bigger and more efficient, more and more services were being made available. Lubepro has since grown to a diverse company, offering a multitude of services, at reasonable fees.


In partnership with ArcelorMittal, we helped them save R6 million in grease consumption at their Continuous Casting plants, extending equipment life and thus reducing downtime. The most expensive product is not always the best one for the application.

We have assisted in standardizing all “fire-sensitive” plants from mineral hydraulic fluids to fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

Dealing with a world class company such as ArcelorMittal, the requirements are often strenuous. ArcelorMittal requires extremely clean diesel, and as Technical representatives for Total, the supplier of fuels to AMSA, we were put to the task of investigating and implementing systems to ensure the cleanest fuel.

Together with the ArcelorMittal tribology team and the guys from Filtration and Transmission Services (The Donaldson agents), we started with the project. The results were better than we could ever imagine. We achieved not only the required spec, but one better.

With an on-site 23000L tank, we are able to supply our very clean diesel to our customers. (Service station diesel is usually not very clean…at all).