We offer a vast range of products.

To name a few:

Bulk Diesel (At + - 60cents per/L cheaper than the outside service stations)

Automotive Oils (176 automotive lubricants are available)

Engine oils – Both synthetic and mineral oil base which meet the following specifications
ACEA – A3/B3/C3/E5/E7

Gearbox oil that meets the following specifications

Differential gear oil
GL 5

Industrial Gear Oils

Hydraulic Fluids (In basically any viscosity grade available)

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
HFA, HFC and HFD Fluids

Cutting and Grinding Fluids

Degreasing Fluids
Solvent-based degreasing fluids
Environmentally Friendly Water Base degreasing fluid


Greases (86 products available)
Multipurpose grease
High speed grease
High temperature greases
Water resistant grease

Speciality Products (186 special purpose products available)
Multi Purpose Spray
Electrical Switch cleaner
Taping, Reaming and Drilling Spray
Chain Spray

Centralised Grease Systems
Grease pumps
Dual line blocks and accessories
Progressive line blocks and accessories